The Silly Gilles

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hollie 1 Month

Hollie you are 1 month old!  Time really does fly.  You have been such a breath of fresh air to our family and are loved to pieces.  Both of your sisters love you so much and shower you with kisses ALL over your head!  You dont cry much and when you do I can usually help out and you will be back to content in no time.  I dont know if this good behavior will continue but I am loving it and enjoying this stage of yours.  

We did a quick 10 minute photoshoot (heidi and gracie were right there with us) and I am pleasantly surprised with the shots we got.  All the sudden you lifted up your head and BOOM I got a handful of adorable shots.  You are already so strong!


1 Month Stats
8Lbs 14.5Oz
19 Inches Long

this shot you can see your little mohawk you have

hollie is looking up at angels

Things you are up to
  • You are a pretty good sleeper.  You are usually up for about 1 hour or so and down for around 2.  I cant complain.  You are used to noise since you have 2 big sisters and pretty much sleep through anything.
  • At night you occasionally like to party at about 2 AM.  you will stay awake for 1 hour or so.  Sometimes you are restless because it seems like you need to go poo.
  • you already smile once in a while. I have gotten about 3 real good smiles with eye contact and you actually reacting to me.
  • You nurse very well.  caught on from the get go and you nurse exclusively.  You eat quickly too just like your sisters.....about 10 minutes on one side and you are filled.  At the start you would over eat and barf out a feeding but you have since learned and have not done that in a while.
  • You use a pacifier but arent dependent on it.  You often go to bed without needing to suck on one
  • You get the hiccups after almost every feeding.  No matter how long I burp you.  You dont seem to get too bothered by them but you sound like a squeaky toy.
  • Enjoyed your sponge baths but since your umbilical cord came off I give you baths in the tub and you are not much a fan.  You are pretty squirmy so its not very comfortable for you and pretty awkward for me to bath you.
  • You are getting to be that you prefer me to hold you.  OH NO we are already starting it!
  • Gracie has held you a handful of times and been able to soothe you.  Its sweet.  She really loves you.
  • Each of your big sisters like having you lay next to them for their night night song....they give you kisses as I sing.  Its super sweet.

Hollie i will admit I was very intimidated to have 3 kiddos but you have made it such a smooth transition.  I love you so much!