The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hollie 2 Months

2 Months!
Boy has time flown by.  I can honestly say the days go by so FAST!  You and your sisters are keeping me VERY busy.

Things you are up to:

  • excellent sleeper still YAY!! at night you usually sleep somewhere between8-9 till 3-4 and have even gone till 5am....happy dance by mom!
  • you are the happiest baby when you wake up from that big long stretch.  you eat and have the BIGGEST smiles for me..i dont have the heart to put you back to sleep while so happy so we play.
  • you are a go with the flow kid.  so far my easiest yet
  • give big wide open smiles.  didnt capture it with the shoot because you were very interested in gracie holding up the back drop.
  • enjoy bathtime.  just sit and chill.
  • getting the inner thigh favorite.
  • like being held out to see the world.
  • sleep swaddled..with a paci (another paci baby like your big sisters)
  • up for about 1 hr to 1.30 then down for 2ish..afternoons you usually take a 3 hr snooze. *see why you are so special????
  • talk and coo and make noises.  really try to communicate
  • get hiccups ALL the time.  but you dont get super perturbed by them.  so nice

10lbs 6oz (21%) (i hadn't fed you before appointment so this could be off)
22"tall (23%)
14.96" head circ. (36%)

look at the cute pumpkin i found! 

I just love you so much. I LOVE babies.  I LOVE even more being a mom to you and your sisters.  I am so blessed.  I thank Heavenly Father every night in my prayers for sending me such beautiful angels.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hollie Baby Blessing Day

This past weekend was Hollie Joyce baby blessing where she was given a name and a blessing for our church by her daddy.  I am so thankful to be married to a worthy priesthood holder and I enjoy seeing how much Matt loves each one of his girls.  We are all so lucky.  FL ma ma and pa pa (vicki and don) came from FL and then Rachele, Scott and Ava and Stephen and Stepheni and crew from Dallas.  Also Grandpa chuck from Colorado. We had some pre blessing fun and went to old mcdonalds farm and matt took them boating

Hollie was SO GOOD during her blessing and then all the pictures. She is really a perfect little addition so the Silly Gille clan and we just love her to pieces!

Here are some of the pictures from Old mcDonald farm
gracie LOVED the train