The Silly Gilles

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hollie 4 Month

Hollie you are 4 months old!  Boy this is all going by very fast.  Between taking care of you and your sisters the days around here go by super fast (aside from 5pm and daddy isnt home and people are cranky)  You are a very pleasant child who rarely whines or fusses.  Just a really sweet girl

4 month stats
12lbs 12 oz (18% lightest one yet but not by much)
height: 24.25" (38%)
head: 15.94" (44%)

Things you do
  • exclusively nurse and never had a bottle...little too late now oh well
  • sleep next to me (between me and your dad) every night in a little nest.  you fall asleep holding my finger. i love it.  you wake once to nurse between 3 and 4 and then go right back to sleep. sometimes you poop after you eat and i have to change you but you still go back to sleep pretty quickly.
  • take two cat naps (morning and late evening) and one bigger nap in afternoon around 1 or 2
  • noticing your hands and beginning to grab at toys and bring to mouth.
  • roll from belly to back easily but almost getting to be able to roll back to tummy.  you are super close
  • when i leave you on the floor you are able to shift and end up moving from where i left you.
  • get tons and tons of hugs and kisses from gracie and heidi and of course me.  we sure do love and adore you.
  • Drool Drool and Drool some more.  You are by far the drooliest of all.  I go thru about 6 bibs a day with you.  
  • Use a paci to fall asleep
  • very alert.  you hold your head up so well and look from side to side to watch whats going on.
  • i have gotten a few giggles out of you.  super cute
  • love to smile at people. you are just so happy.
  • I put you in your einstein play jumper already and you love it for a little while.
  • getting real figity when being held and wanna move.  my guess is you will be the earliest walker if thats even possible!!
  • love to stand on my legs (good sign building leg strength for early walking)
we did a photoshoot with your aunt when we were in Fl so once I get those photos i will update this one for your 4 month old photos done professionally!