The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hollie 5 Months

you are one month closer to your half birthday.  we will definitely celebrate your half birthday its a momentous event.  this past month you have grown a lot.  you can grab things with ease and really starting to absorb your are a mommys girl and prefer me to hold you.
13.5 lbs about
getting taller.  you have outgrown your 3 month pjs a bunch
smart and sweet

what you are up to:

  • pretty good sleeper.  take two cat naps (one in morning and one in evening) and typically one thats longer around 2 hours total for the big afternoon one.  at night you go to bed around  830 and wake up around 3am to eat (sometimes poo as well) then go back to sleep till about 730ish
  • love your paci.  sleep with one at night/naps.  still sleeping between your dad and i.  i plan to switch you over to your crib at night soon here.
  • not doing solids yet.  i tried tonight and see how you do with some oatmeal and banana baby cereal and you gagged and didnt want it.  we shall try again tomorrow
  • love to stand.  you also jump up and down when you stand on my legs.  i have a feeling you will be a early walker just like your sisters.  
  • snuggly and cuddly.  you fall asleep at night holding my finger.  i must admit.  i stinkin love it.  its precious and goes by way to fast.  
  • dislike your carseat/ car rides.  your big sister gracie is my paci helper and really gives it her all to keep you happy in the car.  such a loving big sister.  sometimes you frustrate her and she gets upset but usually you two are pleasant back there.
  • noticing the dogs and trying to grab at them.  you now pull hair and have gotten fist fulls of gracies whenever she gets in too close to your face.  
  • you want to put anything and everything in sight to your mouth.  
  • giggly at night before bed.  you are tickilish on your chest by your pits.  i can get you giggling pretty good.
  • can roll from back to tummy and tummy to back.  prefer going to one side then back to other.
  • getting stranger danger.  you dont do a full blown cry to get them away but you do this powty face and let out a sad little whine.
  • when on tummy and dig your little feet into the ground and try to drag your upper body and head on the floor.
  • use your jenny jump up and jumperoo
  • so far my calmest baby.  you rarely whine unless you are tired or hungry. as long as those needs are met you are just pleasant and sweet.

hollie you are the type of baby that makes me want more babies.  this is because you are so good and pleasant.  you are my sweet sweet baby girl and i love you so much!

gracie did a phone photoshoot with you while i did the camera. she got up close and personal

Monday, January 11, 2016

Heidi 2.5

Heidi you are officially 2.5.  This time between your 2nd birthday and now you have grown up so much.  I can now communicate with you using words and can actually tell what you are saying as well.  Potty training didnt go so well and we will pick that back up in maybe the summer time.  With your personality you have to decide you want to do it for you to be successful.  You have a very very stubborn personality.  You are resilient and at times it is challenging for me to teach you and mother you but you are able to accomplish things most 2 year olds cant.  You are your big sisters copy cat. You are very coordinated and looks like will be a south paw (which i am pretty excited about for your sport future)
you love your big sister

you also love your baby sister

you have the best natural curls...the more humid it is out the better your hair is that even possible????

 what you are up to

  • I asked your sister what you are up to these days and this is her response "heidi pulls my hair, she pushes me off my scooter, she pinches me and make me put my hand up and hurt my hand, and also she says mine whenever i have something.  and thats the end of heidi ho" -gracie hope gille
  • all the above are real events.. you are the typical two year old to a bigger sister and you are always wanting what she has.  If gracie has a necklace by golly you better be getting a necklace as well. same goes for everything!
  • you are a good sleeper.  you take a 2-3 hour nap everyday and then sleep 12-13 hours at night.  You are def growing and catching up to your big sister
  • you ride around on your 3 wheeler bike and training wheels bike like no big deal.  you also do your 3 wheel scooter
  • you drive around your pink jeep and pink 4 wheeler like a boss but dont like it on supercharged mode...too fast.
  • i sing to you every night and you always want a night night hung and kiss. its sweet. you also kiss your daddy
  • you enjoy following everything gracie does.  You are her little shadow.  Its cute.  Although you terrorize her, you love love love her very much.
  • getting better about face able to get wet in tub.  We have to cure you of this for this summer because its your summer to learn.
  • you are my injury prone child.  you have the scares to prove it.  The worst one was when you hit the window seal and busted open between your eyes.  That was a scary mommy moment. Your scare looks great now and can hardly even see it....although you still remember it.  Very traumatic experience. 
  • you sit in the back of the sequoia.  you are in exile because you cause havik when on the row with gracie but you like it and think you are a big kid back there so you dont mind (see its whatever you think is cool then you are good with it)
  • you love your pink tablet and to watch shows like barbie, heidi, (seen them all), or whatever gracie is watching you will put on
  • you are my foody.  you rarely turn down food as long as it is not in the vegetable famly...your not a fan of vegetables. You eat meat, bread and cheese.  lol
  • still suck paci at night and nap...your teeth are going up like gracies did.
  • your favorite colors are purple and pink.
  • you are sporty and tough but also like to paint your nails and dress like a pretty princess.  just like your big sister you are the perfect combo of fun and girly.

you are silly you are happy you are super duper cute you are stubborn to the bone. you are mine.  you are my heidi.