The Silly Gilles

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hollie Half Birthday!

you are 6 months old! Half way to one!  You are such a pleasant child to have around.  You rarely fuss and when you do I worry a bit because its strange to have you fuss.
6 Months Stats
14.5 lbs (17%)
25.39" long (29%)
16.54"head (44%)

What you are up to:

  • You are rolling all over the place.  You scoot backwards and really try to go forward
  • You can sit up but if you want something you will nose dive.  The balance is still getting there.
  • I have been trying to feed you solids for month now but not working too well.  You dont like them
  • You still sleep with mommy.  You have good nights and bad nights.  You def are getting your bottom teeth but they are still not breaking thru.  
  • You smile at everyone.  You are picky on who holds you.  I am the preferred.  If you are taken away you begin to really worry.
  • You love to stand. Really good and grabbing things and switching from hand to hand.
  • You exclusively nurse.
  • You usually take 2-1hr naps and one 2 hr nap.
  • You wake up once during night (around 230/3) to eat and then sleep till about 730
  • Love dance parties. You giggle and jump with delight
  • Drooly but not as bad as last month.
  • Put everything into mouth.  You love trying to eat my face or my collar bone.
  • You reach for me when in your jumper.  Its really endearing and adorable.  You also reach for me when someone is holding you.
  • You love to be held out. So you can see whats going on.  Also love to be held all the time.  People hold you and only last like 10 minutes and then give you back up and dont know how i do it.  I dunno either, but I do. ALL DAY.
  • Love your sisters.  They make you giggle and smile.  
  • Easy going kiddo.  You really do just go with the flow and rarely fuss.
Hollie you are such a doll. You are loved by us all and growing so fast! Slow down baby girl! Soon you'll be walking and i will be chasing you around alongside your big sisters.  Love you my little jr!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Gracie 4.5

I enjoy updating each half year for my kids...they grow up so much and so fast in a year so splitting it in 6 months seems like a good way to track their growth.

Gracie Hope Gille.

You are 4.5! You are super smart girl.  You are so friendly and love to be around people and friends. You dont go to school right now (but i teach you and you go to your ma mas once a week and your aunt ashleys every other week that i dont teach) and you are itching to be a Kindergartner in August.  I am a little sad to loose you already but you are so ready and will have a ton of fun.

You are a great big sister to both Heidi and Hollie.  Although it is challenging for you to be around Heidi and her mine stealing fits you are more than often very patient with her.  You are my Hollie helper in the car and very good at keeping her happy and the paci in her mouth so she stays pleasant.

Things you are up to

  • You love to play with your friends on the street and always waiting to see if they are home from school yet.
  • You have gotten so so so good at the scooter.  You coast down the drive way and go really fast down the street.  You have only had a few crashes but you usually adjust and are able to stay up.  You are mastering your balance. 
  • You have figured out that if you practice something (have it be school related, sport related, outdoor activity) you will get better at it.  Its fun to watch you practice and improve your skills.  I have no doubt you will excel at anything you put your effort and mind towards.
  • You are so thoughtful and sweet.  I dont often feel sick but when I do and tell you, you quickly go grab things to make me feel better so I can rest.  You give me sweet hugs and kisses to feel better.  It makes my heart feel happy that you have learned empathy.
  • I ask you what you want to be when you get bigger and you claim you will stay a kid forever.  You always want to be my daughter and small.  You also dont want me to get older either.  (i dont want to either)
  • For Christmas you got a barbie jeep from us and your daddy supercharged it. So instead of it being 12v its 24v and fast.  You maneuver that thing like a boss
  • Played soccer this past fall.  You were so awesome.  You got so much better over the year.
  • Love to play dress up and get pampered by having me paint our nails and put stickers on them.
  • You love the colors purple and pink. You also love to match me and your sisters.  
  • You love to dance and sing.  You love song time at primary and come home singing the song you are currently learning.
    front and center with red reindeer shirt on singing at Christmas party
  • You recently (like 3 weeks ago) learned how to ride your bike with no training wheels....your improvement was drastic and impressive.  I held your seat for 5 seconds let go and you were off.  You also were able to start on your own that same day and just took off from there.  You now go on 3 mile rides while i run and started doing that on the trails the 3rd day after you learned.  You practice going up hills by me standing in the street and telling you its clear while you ride up and down our driveway and across the way. If this is any indication of your sporting future i am excited because it is bright.
  • Stopped having paci after hollie was born.  You gave them up to her.  Such a sweet big sister.  Its amazing how much your teeth have came down because of you no longer having it at night. 
  • Love to jump on the trampoline Santa brought you.  You especially love it when daddy or I come on and bounce you up high.
  • Your speech is impressive for a 4 year old.  You do have a slight studder but its usually when you really want to tell me something.  You also pronounce l with a y sound. so you say "yong yong time" instead of "long long time"  i love it! or should i say "yove it"
  • You are not in preschool.  I am soaking up my time with you all I can.  I debated putting in you kinder next year (this august) and wanted to hold you back and hold on to you a little longer but i am a little sad to say you cant be held back.  You are so smart and so ready.  You know all your letters (upper and lower) can write them and learning all their sounds.  You know how to count to 20 and know what number is by sight.  You absorb so much so quickly.  You get that from your daddy. He is super smart.

Gracie Hope you are my mini me.  So much about you we are the same.  I love you so much.  You made me a mom and I am so proud you are my daughter.  I love you super duper much kiddo.