The Silly Gilles

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hollie 7 Month

The best word to describe you right now is busy. You can hardly hold still. You are constantly wanting to move. Explore. Taste. See

7 Month Stats
getting tall enough to reach into the sand box from floor
super smart

what you are up to now:
  • You are a now taking 2 naps a day. Both being about 2 hr each
  • Not eating solids yet. I have tried fruits and you hate them all. You don't even like the yogurt melts. The only thing you prefer to put in mouth is pretzels. Don't know what it is about them. 
  • You can sit up and even enjoy rocking on your hands and knees. You will lunge for toys and sometime you can get forward and have successfully moved yourself forward a few times.  We got a rug 2 days ago downstairs and you are getting around on that bad boy pretty easily.  You are almost fully mobile
  • You love to stand. You will take steps while I hold your hands and think it's really fun to do. You also enjoy dancing to music 
  • Mimic Gracie when she makes a rolling toot sound with her lips. It's cute
  • Prefer mommy to hold you. You will allow others but if I am in sight you will begin to whine and give me a yearning look. 
  • Everything you grab or hold goes to your mouth. 
  • Love being kissed behind your neck.  you smile and cock your head back for more
  • you enjoy being hung upside down.  once you go right side up you throw your head back for more
  • just a pleasant child. you rarely complain
  • enjoy watching your sisters.  you also love to watch me get ready. esp when i turn the hair dryer on. it puts you in a trance.
  • can pull up onto furniture and me to get to standing.  You usually pull up onto the toy containers or my knees. 
  • think your sisters are pretty funny and they can get you laughing when they are laughing about something (you chime right in and are silly too)
  • you dont like me walking away from you ever. you make a whine cry like "hey dont leave me here mom!"
  • want anything and everything i have in my hands. you have to try it and put it in your mouth

Hollie what else can i say.  I truely enjoy being your mother.  You are such a sweety and i just adore you.  I love babies.  I love my gille girl babies.  So yummy.  so squishy and so cute!