The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hollie 8 Months

Hollie you are such a sweet natured baby.  You are a tad bit attached to me.  We have found that out since I have been volunteer coaching this past week and you are in quite the fit when I get home and you see me.  You just want me to hold you and love on you.  When anyone grabs you (like ma ma or pa pa or daddy) I better stay in line of sight or you freak out.

16ish Lbs
Tall enough to pull up onto couch and reach lower bookshelf in Heidi room
Super smart and curious

Things you are up to:
  • this past month you have expanded your mobility exponentially.  you crawl with ease.  you dont prefer it since you have figured out how to pull up onto furniture.  Your favorite piece of furniture is my elliptical.  If i put you on the rug you B line for it and put right on up and stand and proceed to take steps to me.  YES i said steps.   You are begginging to walk now.  You have sucessfully walked 4 steps to me without falling.  You can stand and balance for  10 seconds or so before softly falling to your tooshy.  You are amazing.  You like to walk around in your jacket your ma ma made.  I always also walk with you holding your hands too because the jacket tends to make you lean forward. (you also think you can actually walk because of the walking jacket)  Its pretty dangerous but I give you 2 weeks from today and you will be taking full blown unassisted steps across the room.  Its pretty amazing.
  • you use anyone or anything to get up from sitting to standing.
  • you hate solids.  you just dont like them.  you will occasionally munch on some veggie straws but you are just not interested in eating foods yet.  Pretzel sticks are another item you like to suck on but not really eat.
  • Sleeping pretty much through the night past few nights.  You wake up around 1am and eat but go back to bed immediately..ill take it
  • you sleep by yourself in your crib. took me a while to transition you.  just me being a whoosy and holding on and also lazy...hard to have you grow up into your own bed.  i just love my itty bitty babies
  • still dont have any teeth.  I swear your bottom teeth have been budding and almost breaking through for over a month now. still holding out
  • love to make noises with gracie
  • wave once in a while
  • you are part puppy
  • you do this nose breath thing thats seriously adorable and love it when I do it back at you. you wait for me to respond by doing it then you do it back and we keep going till one of us cracks up.
  • you concentrate on our mouths when we speak to you and you do try to communicate by making your Hollie noises..
  • if someone else has been holding you and you whine for me and I grab you, you give me this open mouth eat my face reaction when i grab you.  I just love you so much
  • slightly red tinge to your hair currently.  may have some strawberry in your blonde
  • been taking weird naps.. you are down to just two.  usually one is for 2 hours but lately your other is only like 45 minutes.  It used to be two solid 2 hour naps...hopefully goes back to that with how busy you are when you are awake
  • enjoy bike rides sitting in green bike seat with me

 Gracie loves to try and help you.  You are sooo stinking busy and she helps keep you out of harms way.
you are on track to be my fastest walker.  you go Hollie JR! make momma proud!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Blue Bell Fun Run

This year we decided to go and do the Blue Bell Fun Run. The warr family goes every year with Jens side of the family so we thought we would go check it out.  We had so much fun!

Its located in Brenham Tx.  We took the newly opened Grand Parkway and its took us just a little over an hour.  We stopped at Bu'cees on the way there and got the girls an icee and some popcorn and me a soda pop!  Once we got there our hotel room was not ready! bummer.  So we got our suits out of the car to swim while it got ready and then was informed this is not normal practice by the front desk lady (rude) so we left.  We met up with the Warrs at a local park and there were lots of different play structures.

Girls got hot so we all went to the Blue Bell Creamery for our $1 scoop of blue bell! YUM! (the scoops were huge)

After creamery our hotel room was ready so we went there and changed into swimsuits and the big girls swam while baby hollie took a little napparoo.

After swimming we went and took some obligatory bluebonnet pictures in a patch nearby out hotel.  We then ate at some fine dining next door-Whataburger (perfect pre race day food)

We then headed back for bed where the girls got to watch a little tv on their tablet and then it was time to sleep. We got up shortly after 7 packed up and ate and were out the door for the 5k race.  We had gracie and heidi in the bob double and baby hollie in the red single. Ma Ma and Pa Pa drove up in the morning and met us at the start line.  We had an issue finding parking since the race started already (10k) and roads were closed but we found a nice little spot that wasnt designated parking but worked out super well and got us to the start line right on time.

The town of Brenham is definitely more hilly than kingwood.  I had a new years goal to run a half marathon at the Kingwood one on new years day but now I am second guessing my goal.  Its not that fun to pay to run lol  a 5k was PLENTY far enough for me. haha. After conquering the final hill and finishing we got to enjoy unlimited blue bell ice cream. YUM