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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hollie 9 Month

Hollie Gille!

You are 9 months and a professional walker.  It is strange to see such a tiny tot walking around like a boss.  You are curious and happy.  You rarely whine about much and go with the are the perfect 3rd child to add to our silly gille mix.

9 Month Stats
16 Lbs (14%) (littlest one of mine yet)
27 Inches (22%)
17.09Inch noggin (35%)
what you are up to:
  • like i said earlier.  9 months and already walking like a pro.  you have yet to even have a bad spill (knock on wood)  when you fall you fall with grace and nothing crazy.  Your dad commented the other night as you were holding two somewhat large car play toys (barbie convertible and pink little tikes van) and walking around with ease carrying them around.  Its crazy how good you really are.  You are careful and very very coordinated.  
  •  you pretty much dislike most solids.  you are a bit bipolar about it.  One night you will eat baby food and then you will turn your nose up to it night after night.  you will occasionally snack on goldfish or yogurt melts but not much.  All in all you like mommy milk and that is it.  Which is fine.  Its just that your mommy messed up her knee and needs to get surgery.  
  • Due to your dislike of solids and early walking you are my smallest baby at 9 months.  just a dainty little thing.
  • Have gotten strep twice now.  You got it back at 6 months and now.  Sad stuff.
  • Say hi adolph hitler style with one hand and arm straight up and go "hiiiii"
  • Enjoy chasing the dogs around the house.  They are not amused.
  • Dislike your car seat.
  • Take two naps-one morning one afternoon.  Typically one is 2 hours the other is 45minutes or so.  You have gotten  in the nasty habit of staying up late.  Partying.  Your sisters too. Its these long summer nights that are throwing me off.
  • Your bottom teeth JUST cut thru. Was hard to tell when you were sick if it was teething or if you were sick.  glad i followed my mommy instincts and took you in
  • if gracie and heidi laugh at something you are doing you will continue to do it and watch for their reaction.
  • say ma ma, ba ba
  • give open mouth kisses.
  • like to clap while you walk
  • you think its funny to come up to me and run/walk away from me. its a fun game for you.silly
  • you dont like your sisters grabbing you. miss independent
  • enjoy chasing the dogs around....they dont so much.  you got bit by max...hence the owy above your lip
  • crawling is a thing of the past.  if you fall you stand right back up.  you also bend down with ease in a very deep deep squat (something your mommy isnt allowed to do with her knee situations) and stand right back up

you are such a happy little girl.  i love you so much. we all love you so much

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