The Silly Gilles

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Baby Hollie 10 Months

Hollie you are now 10 months!

You are such a agile professional walker who is so tiny to be doing all the things you do.  You amaze strangers and when they ask how old you are they are shocked!

16lbs 8oz.

What you are up to:

  • you can walk forward, backward, side step, bump things and keep your balance, pick up many items and carry them around.
  • still not a big fan of solids. i feed you 2-3 times a day in the high chair-cheerios, yogurt melts, veggie straws, cinna sticks,goldfish and have tried the foodmill with spaghetti but you  were not a fan.  You like to have my nightly popcorn with me and try to steal my ice cream if i am having it.  
  • you are an excellent nurser. its what you prefer and eat 8/9ish times in 24 hours
  • you sleep pretty much thru the night.  you had a ear infection and were teething (getting your other bottom tooth) so you had a bad sleeping stint there but all in all you sleep most of the night and occasionally will wake up once for milk and then you fall back asleep.  
  • you take 2 naps a day.  typically one being an hour or so and the other being two.
  • you are quite the mischevious little booger.  if i for one second leave the stair un-gatted you head straight for them and try to get up as fast as you can.
  • you also enjoy messing with the dog water bowl. you splash it around. make a stinkin mess
  • if the bathroom is left open and you notice you grab anything in sight and run into the bathroom and throw them into the toilet. (not a good habit of yours)  i have my hands full!
  • love to dance.  if we put music on you bounce just like your sisters did at your age.  you have rythm
  • enjoy the pool with your sisters.  you are so fair skinned i have to be careful that you dont burn.
  • looks like one of your top teeth is beginning to bulge down.
  • you give open mouth kisses.
  • you have a set of lungs on you. when you want to make yourself known you will make sure everyone hears you.
  • shake your head no...its super cute.  there is this song that we play that says no a lot and you bounce around and shake your head no.
  • if I try to feed you something you dont prefer you make a "ick" sound and spit it out (giving you medicine for your ear infection was a pain-you spit out and got it everywhere!)
you dont sit for long!

you are very loved!

i just adore you