The Silly Gilles

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baby Hollie 11 Months

Hollie ballie you are my sweet sweet baby girl!  I love you so much.  You are super super active and busy.  You get into just about anything you put your mind into and are learning to keep up with the big kids.
 my view most of the days
11 Month Stats
17.5 Lbs
Tall enough to reach into the trash can

What you are up to:
  • you are always moving around.  walking around.  getting into EVERYTHING.
  • you nurse about 7-8 times a day.  although this month you have developed the urge to eat solids you still dont eat much and would rather nurse. 
  • you enjoy snacking on goldfish, yogurt melts, cheeto puffs (cut up), pretzels, ice cream (esp costco) and will occasionally piece on what I am eating. All in all you are not a huge fan.
  • learned to drink water from a bottle.  working on sippy cup.
  • love to dance around with your sisters.  they were spinning around in circles the other day and you went ahead and gave it a go and LOVED it.  you would get dizzy and fall but with the biggest smile on your face you get right back up and spin more.  You also enjoy shaking your head NO when the song by meghan trainor "NO" comes on.  Its silly.  Its super cute.
  • You officially have 2 bottom teeth and just broke thru your first top middle right tooth.  i am sure the other part of the pair is next.
  • curious and super smart.  you grab the tv controller or the wii controller and point it to the tv.  you know whats going on.
  • will say "hi" with a open hand.
  • greet people with both arms up hands wide open big smile and go for the hug (for your daddy, ma ma and pa pa)
  • you stay up later than all the other kids and all have in the past.  your summer bedtime is between 9-930pm.  you still have so much energy to burn off and like to help me eat my nightly popcorn.  
  • take two naps a day.  usually the first one is 1-.1.5 and the second is about 1.5-2 hours.
  • finally have enough hair to put in a bam bam pony but you try to pull it out and dont want it.
  • like the dogs but they dont share the love.  you have not mastered the art of being soft.
  • you can step up onto driveways without falling, step down from stoops, you can spin around, you can go side to side, you can walk backwards, you are quite amazing.
  • enjoy going on the trampoline with gracie and heidi.  you love to walk around and are tough with you get bounced over.  
  • when ourside in this heat you will sweat a lot.  little drips 

steppin' off the stoop

hollie ballie walkin away!

you rarely fuss and are just a happy go lucky little girl.  i love you hollie.  i just wanna kiss your little face all the time.  you are very loved by your sisters and daddy.  can hardly believe you are almost 1.  you are so much fun in such a tiny little body!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Heidi 3!

3 Year Old Stats
32 Lbs (60%)
3 Feet 2.5 Inches Tall (77%) same size as gracie at 3.5
20.2" Ginormous noggin (bigger than gracies right now)

what are you up to:

  • you are growing like a weed.  this past year you have grown and surpassed where Gracie was at 3.5 .
  • over the past year your vocabulary has grown tremendously. you throw less fits now that you can communicate with me better.
  • still love to suck your paci (you call it a "babE") during nap and night time. your teeth come out on top like gracies did and your bottom two are sinking in a bit.  you tell me you will get rid of them when you have bunk beds with gracie....hmmmm not holding my breath.
  • you want everything gracie has.  and i mean EVERYTHING!  there are many many many fights over toys because you think it is "yours"  through all the fighting, you two really do actually love one another and you will miss her so much when she starts school in august.
  • you stick with the older neighborhood kids and gracie.  you dont let your age be a factor.  you sick with them and play right along.  you are one tough kid.
  • you love your little sister but dislike her touching anything you think is yours....which is pretty much
  • you have a very stubborn stubborn personality.  you are resiliant and always have been.  when you put your mind to something you are going to do it.  BUT you have to decide to do it. (ex potty training)  I tried to make you want to but you didnt want to so there was tears.  When you decided that YOU wanted go in the big girl potty YOU DID IT.  and you did it right away and without even having to wear a diaper at night.  Impressive kid.
  • your food staples/requests these days when i ask you what you want to eat are: peanut butter and jelly, noodles and tomatoe juice, cheesy roll up, cheese stick, yogurt, fruit snacks, or apple.  You are quite the carnivore when it comes to eating food and dont eat much vegetables therefore you are pretty constipated
  • like to tease gracie in the car or whenever you can. gracie is sensitive and it really gets to her
  • always say "when i get bigger"
  • you are tough but also squishy and cuddly and love affection.
  • you are the middle child and often dont get the attention you probably want but i do my best to tell you how much i love you everyday-even if you are being a stinker.
  • you LOVE your "class" aka nursery.  you tell me you will miss me so much and give me a hug and kiss and you do the same for gracie and baby hollie and then you are off to class.
  • love riding your bike (with training wheels) you sit in the back of the basket bike on our almost daily bike rides.
  • this may be TMI but because you are a constipated child-you take the biggest poops i have ever seen come out of a tiny bum.  they are bigger than my own...TMI i know.  but dang.  this is something we are working on helping you out because it is uncomfortable for you and has caused UTI.
  • .you love FROZEN.  frozen to you is elsa.  you love anything frozen with elsa on it and will fight and fight whomever to get the frozen item. lol.
  • bedtime song routine request goes like this EVERY night- Popcorn song (pop corn popping on the apricot tree), Sunbeams, Snowman and then I am a child of God with your special mommy rendition verse at the end.  Sometimes you request daddy to do the first 3 after I have done them all.  Spoiled.  You then give me a hug and kiss and say "i will see you when i wake up mommy" and then I tell you "i love you super duper much" and you repeat and ill add pooper much and say again as I walk out and you will call it out at me.  
  • your favorite color is pink.  you love anything pink.  you wanted a pink pony cake for your birthday.  nailed it.
  • you love to play with your new pink pony, you love your dollhouse family-you associate them with our family. you also love barbie
  • you love to play dress up with gracie in her room.  especially wearing the play heels.  you also enjoy going into my closet to steal my heeled shoes and also love to put on mommys perfume and lipstick. 
  • you put toys and nick nacks in purses to hoard them and keep them away from gracie
  • you love to wear grown up necklaces and bracelets
  • love to jump into the water with your floaties and when you go under water and come back up you said "do it aden mommy, do it aden mommy"
  • you love to ride on the tube behind the boat.  at first you were scared but then when you decided you could do it you are super brave and hold on tight with the big girls.  
  • accident prone....pretty much anything and everything possble to injure yourself on you usually do.

heidi ho i am so proud to be your mom! you are resiliant and fun and quite the girl.  I enjoy raising you and hope you know first and foremost you are a child of God and that Heavenly Father loves you very much.  Your dad and I are so lucky you were chosen to join our family.  Love you Heidi Ho