The Silly Gilles

Friday, August 26, 2016

Baby Hollie 12 Months- Happy First Birthday

Happy first birthday Hollie Ballie!!

You are such a happy, tough, fun loving, smiley, social, smart, cute, curious, adventurous, agile, did i say cute baby??!?!?  It has been a real joy having you in our family.  Right off the bat you fit right in and life is perfect with you in this family.  We are so glad Heavenly Father sent your sweet spirit to our family.  I feel like just yesterday you were an infant in my arms asleep and then boom I blinked and you are toddling toddler getting into things you shouldn't a being mischievous with your older sisters.

12 Month Stats
17 Lbs (11%)
27.5" Inches tall (petite 5%)
17.52" Noggin (39%)

things you are up to:

  • this past month you broke 2 new teeth (two top) and looks like your other two top are coming thru right now and your bottom two possibly.  you are trying to bite and gnaw at everything
  • you have explored new foods much much more this past month.  you are definitely still not a big solids eater, but you have tried new foods and usually want to try what i am eating.
  • still nurse 6-8 times a day.  i will say "hollie do you want some milk?" and you do your head nod and run into my arms and get at it.  so cute
  • sleep thru the night.  you got some virus while we were in florida and ran a fever for 4 days straight.  it was low grade but still made you wake up at night to nurse and be comforted,
  • you throw out your pacis when i put you to bed at night and get really upset when you then want them.  you have like 4 and you throw them ALL out.  stinker.
  • you are quite the night owl but i am trying to get you on a different sleep schedule now that gracie is in school.  I am trying to transition you to 1 nap in the afternoon hoping for it to be a 3 hour one so you are not super cranky in the evenings. also hoping it makes it so you go to bed earlier like 8 instead of 9-930 like it has been during the summer.
  • you have learned to climb.  you climb up onto chairs, our coffee table.  ma ma and pa pas coffee table and the couches.  its dangerous.  you also climb on my elliptical.
  • you say hi and open your hand way wide and up at the person you are saying hi to.  you also shake your head NO and Yes.
  • you clap when people clap.  you also laugh when others are laughing.
  • give the biggest two front teeth gummy smile when someone smiles at you.
  • like to mess with the dogs.  you squat down and swat them and make them growl. the more they growl the more you like it
  • learning to go down the stairs (go up very easily) if you have access to the rails you will hold onto the rail and step down like a big girl (scary when i caught you doing this but impressed at the same time) if we put you in the middle you will sit down and scoot your butt off and down to next stair.
  • get hugged and squeezed multiple times a day by your sisters but never enjoy it.  you also get knocked over and pumbled by them (usually heidi) but get right back up and don't seem mind or phase you (tough cookie)
  • so fast when you walk that you almost have a mini run going.  you will sometimes trip if going this second gear of yours but doesnt phase you.  you just get right back up and continue on.
  • you are not gaining a lot of weight and you are staying pretty petite.  due to being a very early walker and super active and nurse mostly, you are staying my smallest by over 2 lbs at this age compared to the other two sitsters.  Which they were hardly large for their age.  You will catch up.

 gille girls

i love you so much my hollie ballie.  you are such a sweet sweet little jr :)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Gracie 5!

Where do I begin Gracie girl.  I just love you so stinking much.  You are my first baby, the first gille to make me a mommy, we have a unique and special bond that is undeniable.  Some words to describe you are: fun, silly, thoughtful, happy, caring, motherly, smart, detail oriented, excitable, obedient, witty, friendly, cute and just the total package.

5 Year Old Stats
39 Lbs (oh how you want to be 40 lbs to move to a booster seat) (44%)
3 Feet 7 Inches Tall (59%)


Things you are up to:

  • You are super aware of your surroundings.  You have a superb memory of events and places and things we have done.  You can direct me to the church from our home, to ma ma and pa pas house and recognize and know where we are based on stores and seeing things.  Most kids are oblivious but not you.  You pay attention.
  • Great big sister.  You are truely the ideal biggest sister.  Although you and Heidi fight like the dickens you usually give in and give her what she wants.  You try to play well with her even though being 3 she can be hard to reason with.  You have a bond with baby Hollie that is like non other.  You love that baby so much! You watch out for her.  You play with her and you really just shower her with love and adoration.  It warms my heart to see how loving and caring you are to her.  You will be a great mom one day.
  • You are excellent at riding your bike.  We go on a 2.5 mile bike ride almost every evening.  
  • Love having your neighbor friends over and you usually invite them to eat with us.  Silly girl. So social.
  • You enjoy interacting with people and even adults.  You are very aware when people say their names and often will remember.  You have a knack for remembering names (kind of like your mommy-so proud)
  • favorite foods are noodles and tomato juice, baby doughnuts and kolaches, you also really like blueberry muffins.
  • act like mini mommy and will spit orders out at your dad.  not so proud of that but you like to have my back
  • enjoy tubing behind the boat. you like to go crazy but i dont like you going crazy. you also like stopping at kingwood beach.
  • Always volunteer to say the prayer and consistently blesses "everyone in this whole world" (we dont know where you got that statement from)
  • Always peek to see what your sisters are wearing for PJs and try your darndest to match them.  You do this for daytime clothes too.  Once again pulls at my heart strings.  You are such a mini me in so many ways
  • Often my gopher.  I will ask you to grab something and you always hop right up and go grab it.
  • Getting super good at wii.  you have a winning record in swordplay against adults.  you are tough to beat.  you navigate through the games so easily. its impressive.
  • like watching odd squad.  you are my tv junkie. you also like movies too.
  • You are the healthier eater out of the kiddos (aside from your favorite foods list mentioned above) you like almost all fruits and will eat lots of vegetables.  You are not a big meat eater and dont like drinking milk much but will enjoy nesquick from time to time
  • you are an excellent swimmer.  you got pretty good doing your swim team this year and are really really pool safe.  you dive down for toys and what not with ease and can even do back flips in the water.  the other day we were at the community pool and you saw some much older kids doing front flips off the diving board.  so the next thing i see is you step right up and do and front flip like a boss.  I then asked hey where did you learn that and when did you learn that>?  your response was "i saw those kids doing it so i thought i want to do it"

i love your face.  i love you so much gracie girl.  when you go to kindergarten i will miss having my little buddy around.  you are the best little side kick.  I am so excited for you to go and learn new things at school but at the same time i will miss you terribly and i my heart will ache to see you each day.  I hope you are the sunshine in your class that you are in our family.  Always remember how much you are loved by your Heavenly Father and Jesus and your family.  We love you gracie hope gille.