The Silly Gilles

Meet the Silly

Mr. Matt Gille CPA
My Fix it Man
Loves his little girls
Love his new boat "Gille Girl Island"
Wakeboards any and every chance he gets
31 and hotter than ever!
Learning the joys and frustrations of Motherhood
Stays at home and raises Girls and Dogs
Trys to be crafty and thrifty
Enjoys making shirts with her Silhouette
Loves her girls and dogs
Love being outdoors with my girls

Going to be a Kindergartner in August
Happy little girl
Social Butterfly
Loves to ride her bike and scooter
Loves her sisters
Mini Mommy
Enjoys reading
Quite the swimmer and plays soccer and basketball

middle child sister
smiley with dimple
daddy's clone
little explorer
eats anything mommy feeds me
big girl wearing big girl panties
hangs with the big kids on the street
wants everything gracie has
love to play with doll house and babies

junior, twin twin, baby hollie
happiest baby ever
eats a lot, poops often, sleeps more
gives smiles
mommy is her favorite
walks around wherever she wants
can say hi, ba ba, ma ma

Moms shadow
Best dog ever
Smartest but Needy
Part human
Loves walks, car rides, just about anything she can join us on
Scared of thunderstorms...turns crazy 

Emo dog
Knows and hates the word BATHTIME
Loves walks
Likes escaping out front to pee on the miniature palm tree. Just his size
Cant jump onto anything. Scardy Boy
Occasional poo partaker